People and Policy over Power and Politics 

The people of Oregon deserve to be represented by senators who will listen to their constituents. Joyce Judy will advocate for the issues that matter most to middle class and working class Oregonians.

About Joyce

Occupation: Citizen Activist; Senate Candidate

Occupational Background: IT industry Professional with over 20 years experience, including 14 years with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Educational Background: Business Administration--Arizona State University & San Francisco State University; PMP, MCP, MCSE Training Program, Diablo Valley College


Prior Governmental Experience: First time seeking political office. Serves on City of Salem Budget Committee and is Land Use Chair of Northgate Neighborhood Association 

Joyce's Agenda for Oregon

  • Develop a statewide plan to help solve the homeless crisis in Oregon: housing, addiction treatment, mental health care, job training and placement
  • Pass a resolution making affordable healthcare a right in Oregon
  • Support DACA citizenship
  • Build needed affordable housing
  • Earthquake proof hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and schools
  • Ban assault-type weapons
  • Increase the age to buy weapons to 21
  • Eliminate no cause evictions
  • Create a statewide climate action plan
  • Pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill
  • Increase teacher pay and reduce school class size
  • Narrow the achievement gap, especially for the Latinx community (with 42% living in SD 11 alone)
  • Develop legislation to make trade school for adults free
  • Reduce crime by providing job training while in prison
  • Pass the National Popular Vote


Joyce fully supports keeping Oregon's status as a sanctuary state. She stands by the new Democratic Party of Oregon Platform Plank that states, "We assert that no one should be subjected to interference with their privacy, family, home, or correspondence, and we oppose the broad violations of these principles by any government agency, including those purported purposes of national security.” 


Oregon and SD 11 need real solutions to real problems. As a grassroots’ activist, Joyce will work relentlessly to find these solutions, fight for legislation she believes in and challenge leadership when debate on legislation is not allowed.

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